Rememberable Events

We can honestly say that we’ve experienced taking care of absolutely everything at an event, our own wedding, the christening of all three our children or all the big birthday celebrations.  During all these very special events we got so caught up in the organising and preparing of absolute everything that we had to really keep on reminding ourselves to breath and really focus on the special moments that we  one day will cherish. It’s an immensely enormous and daunting task to have to take responsibility of all aspects involved.  This is why Gar’nish wants to take care of every aspect of your event, so you, our client, can have absolute peace of mind and just sit back and enjoy the special moments.

With event planning being a highly respected, integral part of our service, we are able to organise and co-ordinate every detail giving you, our client just one point of contact for your event.


A wedding is such a deeply personal experience, something we treasure being part of and therefore Gar’nish will make everything beautiful and flawless on your special day.  The perfect marriage of exquisite food and perfect décor is of extreme importance to us. As experienced wedding organisers, we offer a wealth of knowledge, practical advice, a listening ear and a “can do” approach, so you can say “I do” with an absolute peace of mind.  We specialize in cutting-edge wedding celebrations and we blend our unique event design with the trends around the world ensuring that your wedding captures your true essence.  We offer a complete wedding service, bespoke menu design, beautiful cakes, magical floral design, décor rentals and excellent service staff.


Too often, food comes as an afterthought when planning a corporate event – but it plays an enormous role and is of such importance.  Gar’nish understands that there is no room for error at a corporate event.  When participants are satisfied and their needs are taken care of, the information that’s being presented at the event does not become secondary. At Gar’nish we can offer our corporate clients every type of catering, whether you need stylish finger food platters, boardroom breakfasts, lunches or dinners, coffee and tea breaks with home-made Gar’nish delicacies, a Gar’nish picnic-style meal in a bag for the participants on the run or catering and co-ordinate for a black-tie event, Gar’nish is the perfect choice for your corporate catering needs.


Oh The joys of planning your little one’s birthday party, I truly do love these! If your little ones are like mine they will go all out in the planning their party department and sometimes you wonder how on earth will you be able to execute their marvellous ideas. Being parents ourselves, we understand the importance of this day and how unbelievably special your child’s birthdays are. For this reason, we would love to take care of all your needs. The Gar’nish team can supply all elements, entertainment e.g. Magicians etc, balloons, décor, the specially designed birthday cake, stylish food for the adults, delightful treats for the kids, healthy snacks for the little party-goers and every other aspect you would need for us to handle. We offer our experience to you because we want you, our cherished client, to just have fun with your child on their special day.


“the business of giving expert advice to other people”

Events are like works of art:  each starts with a vision. Gar’nish specializes in consulting.  Advice, brainstorming and support is our expertise and this enables us to help you create your perfect work of art.  We want to focus on giving you professional advice so you can reach your goals when planning your dream event.  We realize that organizing an event, sourcing services and specific items and the logistics behind the event is time consuming and a huge commitment therefore we offer our consulting expertise to you enabling you to get to the final artwork a whole lot easier.


Our team of dedicated waiting staff offers outstanding service delivered with a whole lot of
charm and charisma.
No event is complete without immaculate service and our team of waiters have exemplary skill.