The Gar’nish team partners with a hand-picked selection of leaders in the industry to provide furniture, lighting, tents, entertainment and every possible event detail.  All of these will be organised on your behalf by our experienced team Gar’nish.

Gar’nish will translate your thoughts into a fully developed creative proposal and create a theme or idea with a great unique style and a sense of fun.

With event planning being a highly respected, integral part of our service, we are able to organise and coordinate every detail giving you, our client just one point of contact for your event.


“every plate is a work of art”

Food styling is the art of arranging food so that it looks attractive, tasty and fresh. Chrisna Johannsmeier will use her talent for unique, creative presentation, her professional cooking skills and years of culinary experience combined to be able to offer assistance to any food photographer.


“Joy is seeing sunshine’s reflection in Mother Nature’s flowers”

Our extremely creative and skilled floral team consist of Chrisna Johannsmeier and Cecile van der Watt. The team’s passion for flowers is unsurpassed and this passion is visible in the unique work that they deliver. Their flower designs will add life, colour, energy, softness and ambience to your décor, and it will reflect each client’s personality and style.


Guido Johannsmeier, the Direct[or] and Logistics Mastermind, will see to all your custom designs. Stylishly crafted details and designs to make your event genuinely unique is his speciality. With our experience we can give our clients the reassurance of being able to see to their every need.


Gar’nish hunted down the most amazing items anyone can ever think of for any occasion. From cutlery, cushions, linen, furniture, décor, glassware, lightning, anything you need and can think of to make your event unforgettable we will supply.  Whether your look is sophisticated, vintage, classic, shabby-chic, retro, rustic or something unique we will source the ingredients to complete the look.