Passion for amazing food





The absolute indescribable happiness and pride we experience when seeing the joy our food brings to our clients, our family and our friends is the absolute main reason why we do what we love best

cooking, entertaining, designing & sharing our table

We believe in quality……we believe that amidst all aspects of planning a special occasion, food continues to be at the heart of it all.

If it wasn’t for our imagination and diverse experiences throughout the years we would not be able to deliver the quality you as our client deserves.  Our passion for amazing food and beautiful, fresh ingredients is a huge part of us, and we want to share it with you.

We love how food can take you back to a certain memory, a certain time in life and we want you, our clients, to experience that.

About us

Gar’nish is a small family-owned company built on a foundation of family values with big aspirations and plans for the future. The couple Chrisna Johannsmeier, exe[cut]ive chef, and Guido Johannsmeier, [Direct]or values each client’s needs and requests. Our years of experience in the food industry and our understanding of and commitment to quality allows Gar’nish to specialize in every aspect of an event. Gar’nish is open to any challenge and is determined to create exquisite food and tastes, marvellous, innovative recipes, bespoke menu designs,  unique, stylish event design, beautiful floral art, hiring, décor and supplying the experienced front of house and service staff.   All of these aspects enable the team @ Gar’nish to offer a complete masterpiece of a product… all gar’nished with love.

Our story

Gar’nish was “born” in 2005 over a few glasses of unbelievably good red wine and a plate of amazing comfort food in a small cottage on an olive, lemon and raspberry farm outside of Stellenbosch. We just returned to South Africa after living in Mozambique for almost two years. We spent our days diving and exploring the amazing Inhambane markets and local villages for fresh produce. We were so inspired by the beauty of the country, the seafood and the abundance of fresh produce on the local markets that we’ve spent every spare minute we had to share our love of food with all visitors to the resort. Today we are still sharing our love for food with all we meet.

Walking into our Strand-based home and “office” our innovation and love for all things nic[h]e are clearly visible. In our working space, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home. We draw our inspiration from our past journeys, like growing up in The Karoo and Kroondal, living in the Stellenbosch Winelands, travelling to Germany, Europe and Mozambique together with our future journeys, family adventures and inspiring dream destinations.

We garnish it all

Meet the team

Both Guido and Chrisna’s love for food and cooking started during their childhood years – baking cookies for the beach holidays, preserving for the pantries and preparing special meals for the family.

Chrisna’s formal food career started when she began her studies at the Institute of Culinary Arts (ICA) in Stellenbosch which included a two-year course and practical training. Chrisna was privileged to work at Restaurant Bonthuys, under the well-known chef Etienne Bonthuys, The Grande Roche Hotel, a Four Star Hotel and Weinstube in Germany and later being the Executive-chef at the Five Star Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Although Chrisna’s career followed a formal route, Guido’s evolved naturally.

Having a Master’s Degree in Genetics – Guido can be described as being a passionate perfectionist in all he does and decided to exchange his laboratory, labcoat, test tubes and DNA samples for a kitchen, an apron, spatula and heavenly food –

The result: a marvellous chef!